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Archy Industries

Archy Industries is one of the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Copper Polishing / Rotogravure Polishing Stone in India. We produce Light weight stones in Europe under brand name “ARCHY INDUSTRIES”. They are two types (1) Regular stones and (2) newly invented “STONES WITH BACKING_PAD” All our stones are light weight and guaranteed for more productivity (because of our unique recipe and invented chemistry) comparing with any manufacturer's stones of the world. The desired surface finish is achieved by pairing stones of various grit sizes. We have vide spectrum of grit sizes. Available in GRIT Sizes: 100# - 120# - 220# - 280# - 400# - 600# - 800# - 1000# - 1500# - 2000# - 2500# - 3000# - 4000#. Regular stones are with special matrix type mounting surface to facilitate for easy and firm mounting on plate, ensures more retaining area for Adhesive. Dimension: 200 mm OD X 50 mm / 100 mm ID X 50 mm / 70 mm Thick. “STONES WITH BACKING_PAD” are newly invented stones especially for European polishing machines. A plastic plate made from alloyed engineering polymer is molded with stone. A fixing bolt and washer are provided with each stone. Dimension: 200 mm OD X 50 mm / 100 mm ID X 50 mm Thick. The advantages of this system are 1. No more problems for mounting the stone on the plate. 2. No need of gluing or applying adhesive to the stone for mounting on the plate. 3. The One Piece System for better and desired result of the surface finish. 4. The stone itself with plate which fits on to the machine with help of bolt and washer. 5. Quick replacing of warn stone. 6. No loss of time in changing the stone. 7. One can use the stone to its full depth. Residue of about 0.65mm thick per stone observed. (under ideal operating conditions of machines) 8. Each mounting of stone is with new bolt and washer helps to retain the machine mounting nut intact. 9. Ease in operation and operator friendly. 10. More productivity in other words More life compared to any of the stones across the world thus resulting in overall economy. We also provide Project Consultancy and solutions for Rotogravure Cylinder Manufacturing, we Represent M/s. MCS Printtec Switzerland For Fully Digital Polish Master. M/s. Italchimici - Italy for Oxygen free Copper nuggets, M/s. HEBEI ZHENGYUAN DIAMOND TOOLS Co. Ltd - China for Copper Polishing Stones. We Manufacture 1. HARDNESS ADDITIVES for Hard Cooper Plating 2. Degreasing solution. 3. Lead Anodes for Hard Chrome plating as per the customer's drawing. 4. Titanium Anode baskets both Side hanging and Bottom hanging. We manufacture in curved as well as in straight (rectangle) profile as per the customer's drawing. 5. Steel Bases (Cylinders) made from seamless pipe both Hollow and shafted(with harden sleeves) profiles as per the customer's drawing. We Supply 1. All Chemicals used in Rotogravure Cylinder Manufacturing 2. Chrome Polishing Belts 5 Chemical Processing Pumps. 6. MS Seamless Pipes, 7. Pad Filtering system (with / without Circulating Pump) ensuring 1 micron filtration.

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  • 302 Satyam-I, Amba Business Park, Tri Mandir Complex, Off. Adalaj-Kalol Highway, Adalaj, Dist: Gandhinagar

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